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By Guest Blogger Gemarla Babilonia-Gaskin of The Mommy Elf — 

Cleaning… One of the tasks that usually no one wants to do. Why? Because it takes a long time, effort, energy, it takes everything. What we don’t realize is how cleaning puts a strain in our relationships. This is the idea behind the new Swiffer campaign #SwifferEffect. Is the campaign that started with Morty and Lee Kaufman.


A couple who has been married for over 40 years and they discussed in the commercial how hard is for Lee to clean their home. Swiffer then drops a big green box, which contains some of the line products. The products change the way the couple cleans and interacts with one another. Believe it or not, they are a real life couple! The event was held in Manhattan and not only were Morty and Lee there to speak about how Swiffer help them keep the house clean. The new member of the Swiffer campaign is Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family.


He wanted to present the new commercial, where he explains in a funny way what happens when his mom comes to visit and how Swifer helps him stay sane.

He is a self-proclaimed clean freak and finds that Swiffer really makes it easy for him to keep up with the house chores.


At the event we also had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Michelle Callahan explain how starting conversations about cleaning actually helps build relationships because its part of open communication. She explain how many women complain about their partners not helping, yet when partners are asked, they stated they would be more than happy to help if they were asked.


Thinking about bettering relationships through conversation and cleaning sounds so simple yet. One of the points of the campaign is that “Cleaning tensions are high. The vast majority (85%) of American couples say that cleaning tensions add stress to their relationships at home.” this is a result of the first Swifffer Cleaning Index1, which was conducted by Wakefield Research in June of this year. I never noticed this as a “problem” in my relationships but after having kids I see and understand how the “messy-dirty” house takes a toll in our relationship. It’s hard to keep up the cleaning with little kids, but that is why Swiffer is so great. It is easy to use, so even the kids can help. They really do make cleaning quicker and more effective.

If you like a clean house and haven’t tried any of the Swiffer products, please do. Not only is it going to really change your life (because it will be so quick to clean), but because it will really help you feel more comfortable and less stressful. Think about it this way if Morty and Lee and my 4 year old can use the product, then you certainly can. I appreciate how Swiffer took a different approach to get more people open to the idea of building relationships through cleaning. There is no doubt that the #SwifferEffect adds on television have made us aware of relationship hurdles due to cleaning.


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