Toy Review: Orbeez Color Splasherz Jewel Set – Great for Tween Girls


If you have a glamour girl who enjoys making bracelets and necklaces with beads, then the Orbeez Color Splasherz Jewel Set will add a splash and style to her jewelry box.  The cool thing about this product is that you can create a design, but eventually the design will wear off (and then you can just create another great design). Now your girls can design her own jewelry with water over and over again. (Read More after the jump).

The best part is for moms: It allows kids to create mess-free designs using just water or ice. It allows girls to do some science, there is transformation of color that takes place based on a change in water temperature; technically this is called thermochromism.

Here is is how it works:

The gem shaped container acts as a water basin once it is opened. Put ice water in one basin and warm water (NOT BOILING WATER) in the other. Next dip the color Splasherz pendent or beads in the warm water and dry them, then dip them in the ice water to create a design. You can even use a chip of ice to make more detailed designs or use stickers to block off areas so they remain the original color while you submerge or dip the pendent. Next string the beads and pendent on the bracelet or necklace string by first tugging firmly to open the clasp.

Note: if the beads or pendent are not changing color, then the warm water is not warm enough. We were able to make a really cool design. It does fade, but that is what makes this a great reusable creative item.

What comes with the set:

The gem shaped basin container, 1 color Splasherz Pendent, 6 color Splasherz Beads, 45 non-color change beads, 1 setting (for the pendent), 1 necklace, 2 bracelets, 1 sticker sheet

This holiday season Color Splasherz products will be sold in Target, Walmart, Toys, R Us, Amazon, Kmart, Justice and most other major retailers.

The Jewel Set retails for $5.99.

I received a sample of the Color Splasherz Jewel Set for review.



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