The Electric Company’s Prankster Planet 2.0 Launches


The second season of Sesame Workshop’s The Adventures of The Electric Company on Prankster Planet just launched on PBS Kids. Prankster Planet is the newest segment on The Electric Company, which was revived in 2009. We’re huge fan of the new series, as well as the original 1970’s version.


We recently attended the launch of Prankster Planet 2.o at Sesame Workshop in NYC and met Shock (played by Chris Sullivan) and Manny Spamboni (played by Dominic Colon).

We chatted and sung a little with Shock, Manny, and blogger Carolyn Castiglia (who is an amazing performer herself).  Chris Sullivan is actually a producer on the show and it was great being able to hear about how things are planned out. Chris is also a very talented musician – check out his website.

My oldest son (almost 7) is an reluctant reader. A few days ago, we were watching an episode where Jessica (one of the characters on the show) was explaining the words that were going to be used in the show. Then kids know what the words mean when they appear. This is a big part of teaching reading to students in a classroom (I’m a teacher).  My oldest child perked his ears up and actually listened when she explained the words!

The Electric Company uses many different varieties of media to support the researched educational material – which has a renewed focus on math to help children from ages 6-9. Prankster Planet is at the heart of the show’s transmedia approach. At the end of each episode, Marcus and Jessica will go on an adventure to try and stop prankster Francine from causing chaos. Once the story ends, kids can go online to the new Prankster Planet website where they can play games that help them learn equations, graphing, and data collection, representation and analysis.

The Electric Company’s definitely doing something right – the show has won three Emmys for Outstanding Children’s Series and was also a recipient of the Parent’s Choice Gold Award for Television.

Click here to learn more about the story of The Electric Company’s revival, or visits to play the new Prankster Planet 2.0 games.

Here’s the little video that we made. My toddler, Skylar, barely talks, but he loves to sing. Carolyn and Domenic sang with him (I got a really bad 18 second video of it).

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